How much does homebirth cost?

It is often said that birth is an investment.    In other words, families must decide what is important to them and what do they wish to get out of one of the most joyful experiences in their lives.  What do they want to spend their money on?  Do they care if, at the end of the experience, they feel that they got their money’s worth?  That they would do it all over again? Do they feel that relationships are important? That their feelings and wishes are honored? That they will remember their experience forever in a positive way and look back on it in happiness?  Because every mother, and even their partners, will always remember their birth experiences for the rest of their lives. 

Care provided by homebirth midwives is very different than the traditional physician/hospital experience.  We become a part of your family.  We walk the journey with you.  We are there for you.  We support and honor you.  While our care is more comprehensive, the cost for such care is actually a lot less than that of hospital-based care.

While we are in-network with some  insurance companies, your cost can vary depending on their reimbursement to us.  Unfortunately, some insurance companies do not quite get how much they are saving by not paying the hospital, and you may have to advocate for yourself if they fail to acknowledge their responsibility to both you and to us.  Nonetheless, typically homebirth will cost less than hospital birth, as most families will have deductibles and co-insurance.   Please contact us if you have more questions.