Why Homebirth

Why do families choose homebirth And How safe is it?

As  providers  of  homebirth  services,  we  treat our  women  and  families  with  respect  and  believe  in  client  autonomy.   We  believe in  true  informed  consent.   Cervical  exams  are  never  done (during  prenatal  visits  or  even  in  labor  -  especially  when  membranes  have  ruptured)  unless there  is an absolute  need  to  know,  and  only  after  receiving  consent.    Movement  and  position  changes  are  encouraged  in  labor,  as  is  eating  and  drinking during  this  most  physical  time  for  your  body.    There  is  never pressure of  time unless  there  is  some  concern  for  mom  or  baby  -  time  and  patience  will  nearly always  result  in  a  vaginal  delivery  without  the  addition  of  any  medications  to  speed  up  labor.   Homebirth  is  also  healing  for  women  who may  have  had  a  traumatic  previous  delivery.   

Planned  homebirth  is  as  safe,  if  not  safer,  than  hospital  birth.    Especially  for  those  women  who  had  very  fast  previous  deliveries  -  it  is  much  safer  to  be  at  home  than  to  be  speeding  to  the  hospital  only to  deliver  in  the  wheelchair,  the  lobby  or  the  hallway,  or  to  actually  deliver  your  baby  in  the  car.    As  homebirth  midwives  we  carry  all  necessary  emergency  equipment  and  know  when  transport  is  necessary.

There’s  no  place  like  home.


Trusting Birth and Empowering Families

Pregnancy Health

A healthy pregnancy begins with a trusted and supportive relationship with your care attendants.  Our first prenatal visit with you and your family typically lasts 90-120 minutes, and follow up visits may last 30-60 minutes.  We take the time to address your physical and emotional needs to ensure that your prenatal experience is one that you will cherish.  Visits will take place at our home-like office setting, and we will visit you in your home at 36 weeks.


Labor and Birth

Your home is the most familiar and peaceful place for you to birth your sweet baby.  Both Kara and Julie will typically attend your birth together. You will have the freedom and support to invite those that you desire to attend this most awesome event.  You will be encouraged to eat and drink, change positions, rest, walk, labor in a birth tub, and even deliver in the tub if you so desire.    You  will  get  to  recover  in  your  own  bed to  snuggle  your  baby.  We honor our mamas, as they are the true givers of life.  After your birth, we remain with you and your newborn for typically 2-3 hours.


Postpartum and Newborn Care

A  return visit to your home is made 24-48 hours after your delivery, to assess you and  your  baby’s wellbeing.  We assess breastfeeding and baby’s weight, collect the newborn screening, and gather any needed information for the filing of the birth certificate.  Follow-up is then in our office at 1-2 wks, 6 wks, and at any other time that may be necessary. 

After you establish care with us, 

you will have 24/7 access to us through text or phone through 3 months postpartum. We then can care for all of your gynecological needs as well.