Julie and Kara

Long-term friendship


Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNM) since 2000 and 2005, always having worked together, we make a great team.  Our mutual respect is obvious, and we work so well together to provide intimate and personalized care.

Great minds think alike


Always growing and learning, we believe that birth is physiological and after many years of hospital delivery, we have finally come home to  homebirth where we could not be happier.  Julie and  Kara  are  now  both CPMs (Certified Professional Midwife),  which reflects their commitment to homebirth and support of autonomy.

Birth and Moms Matter


We practice true midwifery care - we  believe in women, in birth, and in the age-old concepts of support, patience and respect in order to provide the best environment for a peaceful and rewarding birth experience.

Homebirth Statistics


Planned Homebirth Statistics 7/2018-11/2019

96% Homebirth Success/4% transfer rate

Of six moms who delivered in the hospital after planning homebirth, three were actually admitted to the hospital prior to labor for medical reasons and thus are not considered in the transfer rate; for transfer from planned homebirth, reasons were pain relief and exhaustion, and attempt at vaginal birth after cesarean with prolonged second stage. 

81% Homebirth success for first-time moms

For the three moms who had hospital births, one was a vaginal birth after induction for a medical reason; one  was a vaginal birth after transfer for pain relief and exhaustion; and one was a c/s for failure to progress.

80% successful VBAC rate

6 % c/s rate